Monday, January 27, 2014

Poofy Pants for Baby: Retrofit Dess Shirt to Harem Pants

Cloth diapers make for big bootie. And most conventional pants just don't quite work for that great big tush. Yesterday we had to change the baby into a disposable to fit into some pants to attend a friend's baptism.  Definitely time to get out the sewing machine. 
Thankfully custom pants are pretty easy to make though. I found this men's shirt at a church basement thrift shop Saturday. It didn't take much to modify it. I used a pair of pants I'd previously made and a looser cut pair of jeans to help figure these out. I decided for a two piece pants pattern rather than a typical four piece. This is easier to cut and I think it makes for a bit more "poof". 

This shirt is actually fine double layered muslin cotton (the kind that's so trendy for baby blankets right now). It made for a great two-tone look.

I cut from the middle of the shirt and folded over 3" just above the breast pocket for the waist band. I used the full width of the shirt from the shoulders. I basically just cut a square with a little upside-down "U" shape for the crotch. The bottom of the pants I hemmed backwards (hem out) as I knew I wanted to roll up the bottom. I could have doubled this seam up but I've got my mum's serger for a bit and so the seems were already finished. 

I've included a few other little tricks through the pics. Oh, one other thing to note, the longer the crotch the longer the legs should be because they get pulled up with the crotch when baby is in a seat that does up at the waist (i.e. stroller, carrier, or car seat). I just roll up the pants when he's not seated.

Irons are a good way to avoid pinning

Safety pin to thread the (no roll) elastic *

Trick I learned as a student, when sewing along a circle make sure you sew from the inside
(so the fabric comes up and over the back of the foot)

Looking a little like men's boxers, but still pretty sweet

Keep the mouse in the house!
Shirt pocket turned hip pocket

*I cheeped out on the elastic with the last pair of pants but learned it's worth the extra buck or two so the elastic doesn't roll inside the waistband.

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