Sunday, February 12, 2012

Guiness P.V.C. Apron to Lunch Bag

I seem to remember an apron something like this at my home growing up. Except I think it had an elephant on the front in stead of a Guinness harp. No mind. I found this at the Vancouver General Hospital Thrift store and thought it would be a great base for crafting.

This fabric is good for anything that might get wet, or think about getting wet. The PVC (polyvinyl coating) makes the fabric readily cleanable and water-proof (or at least water resistant).

To make this lunch bag I cut the apron into a rectangle piece, sewed up the sides, squared off the corners and used the apron ties for handles. I ended up sewing the side seems on an angle to make the top smaller than the bottom with aims to preserve as much of the image without making the bag so big contents would fall out. I also added a couple of pieces of self-adherant velcro (heated over the stove to make the glue extra sticky--- a trick I learned at work) as well.

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