Monday, January 27, 2014

Infinity Scarf

Pretty and simple. The infinity scarf is called such because it goes on and on, the two ends are sewn

together in a loop. It makes a lovely gift. I used two pieces of jersey (t-shirt) fabric 11" x width of the fabric. One of the fabrics is bamboo, extra soft! 

1. Pre-wash fabric

2. Iron fabric flat and place right side together

3. Sew long edges of fabric

4. Turn tube right side out and iron (the short sides will be open and un-sewn)

5. Fold the tube in half, match the opposite short sides with raw edges together

6. A little confusing along these short raw edges together, you will be able to get almost the whole way around until you have to leave a couple inches --- these you can sew up together by hand.

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