Thursday, May 22, 2014

Phat Shorts

Ok, so maybe my baby's got bootie. That's OK, he comes by it honestly (though not thanks to his parents). And as most of the mainstream baby outfitters don't seem to cater to chunky bums I got my sew on with my mum last week. These shorts are the result. I think they also speak to the fact that outside the box can be pretty fun. I got the fabric in the discount section at Dressew and the shorts influenced by funky loose Japanese children's fashion.

I used a typical 18 month shorts (for my 10 month babe) and added an extra inch side to side and on the top as well as several inches on the bottom. I also made the back pieces quite a bit scoopier to accommodate for rump + cloth diaper. I then sewed all four pieces together and folded down the top into a waistband. After threading the elastic through the waistband I stitched in the ditch to keep it in place. I also rolled back the cuffs and stitched them in place at the seems (inner and outer). Cosy, cute and versatile

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  1. Not sure this gets read any more but an update to these shorts is that this summer Roo was still wearing these shorts at 3 years old! Now potty trained less diaper means more room for boy!