Sunday, March 4, 2012

Calico Blue dress

I have just learned that when it comes to calico fabric (not to be mixed up with calico cats), geographic location varies the definition. Initially born in India, North America Calico as I know it refers to small flowered cotton prints wheres in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand Calico fabrics are white, cream or unbleached simple cheap cotton (known as muslin in North America).

With that preamble aside, this sweet dress was zipped up last night, another quick mini-project. With all the baby projects I enjoy making (small: quick) I may run out of babies to gift to, however, 30 seems to be a popular age to have babies and many friends continue so I have plenty of options for now.

This McCalls Pattern, 3334 Fashion Basics for Kids, (Toddler size 1) is no longer listed even on their website. I picked it up while thrifting, a good place to find simple patterns. Technically I'm not sure you are supposed to use buttons for babies*, however as long as you mind it doesn't get loose I think the risk is a very moniterable one. My new pinking sheers were an easy finish to the inner facing of the yoke (the front/back bibs and arm hole lining).  The pattern only came with half the directions but was quite simple to figure out. I added a finishing stitch around the bib and straps. A thin white ribbon on the bottom also adds to the finished touch. Note, the ribbon gives the dress more structure and less movement along the bottom edge, affecting how the skirt lies.

*Having grown up with four younger siblings I thought what goes in must come out, in the natural sense. However, working on the surgical ward of a children's hospital I've learned that "must come out" may need an extra loving scalpel at times. That being said, magnets and coins seem to be more popular than buttons in terms of hospital admissions.

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  1. After making this dress I went to the button shop in gastown (button button) and found a plethera of children's buttons so they must not be really that much of a danger. Also, I found some more interesting buttons I put on this dress, will try to add an updated photo.