Saturday, February 25, 2012

Wee Baby Blankies

The first time I saw one of these mini blankies I thought it was the strangest little thing ever. A blanket that was just big enough to hold but too small to be of any practical use. However, my friends report these little snuggles are well loved by their babes and toddlers. Thus, a quick and fun gift to make!

I used faux mink fur on one side and flannel on the other for both of these blankets. They are about 1.5' squared but I've seen them in a variety of little sizes so you can go as small as a pot-holder or larger than mine yet if you like. I pinned a variety of ribbons to the edges, including one long ribbon with velcro on the end to attach a soother or other little toy. For the second blanket I also cut out a felt dinosaur using the image on the fabric as a guide and sewed it onto the fabric with the flannelette image as a shadow behind.

Hemming all edges with a little 4" window to turn the blankets right-side out I hand-stitched the window closed. I thought of adding a finishing border stitch around the edge of the blanket but have not as of yet because keeping the fabrics in place can be a bit of a trick and I was not in the mood to hand stitch the whole way round, but if you want a more finished look you could try it.

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