Saturday, March 17, 2012

New Buttons: Ocean dynasoar silk dress

Earlier this week my brother showed up at work for a surprise lunch date because his construction hole got flooded out. He ended up spending the night and as my husband had band practice, we went thrifting.

I found this gorgeous silk dress sans buttons. I might have passed it up if it had not been for my recent jaunt to Button Button which started dreams of recreating all my clothes based on their fasteners. Unfortunately the dress' price tag apparently already considered the fact that someone only got half-way through the re-buttoning project and left it stripped of its decency. I bought it anyways. Admittedly, I spent more on the buttons ($13.55) than I did on the dress ($10.99).

In Gastown today I first went to Dressew to pick up some ribbon I needed for another project. I did a pretty thorough perusal of their buttons and actually ended up purchasing a set of six pinkish plastic buttons before going to Button Button. Once in the door I realized I should not have doubted the possibility of finding something to accentuate this already beautiful dress. First I found sweet black buttons with astar-like fireworks in peach. However, there were only two of those. I next was drawn to pewterish pressed images of oceanic dynasoars. As there were only five (and to not draw attention away), plainer round pewterish buttons for the sleeves to replace the plane black ones were chosen.

What better company for a silky black night sky dress of flowers than silvery fossilized aquatic prehistorian?