Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pillows with Pizzaz

This is fabric I bought a couple years ago at a sweet little shop in Portland, OR called Bolt. I originally bought it to make pillow-cases but then doubted the fabric combo. Also was worried about spoiling the fabric- which I thought about recently after giving my nephew a do-it-yourself jigsaw puzzle that he was too nervous to actually colour.

Finally decided to get moving and created these pillows. I cut both horizontal and vertical lines from the main fabric but this was a bit complicated. I would recommend cutting one slice through your main square, adding a strip of contrasting fabric in the middle, then making a second slice through the whole block and adding a second strip of the contrasting fabric. I added a frame around the edge of the block using simple strips of a third contrasting fabric, because I think frames always finish so lovely. The back is navy and lime green as I was having trouble deciding, and is from another amazing little fabric shop, Spool of Thread owned by husband/wife amazing combo.

The back is an envelope closer- each piece is unattached but hemmed and overlaps by several inches.


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