Sunday, July 10, 2011

Silk Bolsters

These pillows serve as a little extra side cushion to "bolster" one up as my couch relaxes with age.

Trick to making these look good seems to be to make sure they are well stuffed. The pillow on the right lovely, the pillow on the left, a little limp yet... They each have 1 bag of stuffing but different types. Technically I think the pillow on the left is filled with "Christmastime decorating snow" while the one on the left is apple green "recycled pop bottle stuffing". The snow seems to provide better structure than the pop bottles...

Directions for making Bolsters
Pillows in photos are blue/silver silk I found thrifting, you could really use just about any fabric.
1. Cut out rectangle of fabric
2. Iron and sew a wide seem at the ends of each fabric with room to thread ribbon
3. Finish the ends of each seam where the ribbon will be threaded through
4. Turn the raw sides together and sew the long sides of the fabric together
5. Thread thick ribbon (2"-3") through the wide seems with a safety pin to guide the ribbon
6. Tie up one end of the pillow leaving the other open to stuff
7. Stuff pillow
8. Tie up the other end of the pillow