Saturday, June 11, 2011

wedding veil

i feel like letting the pictures tell the story
an old record to set the mood
two little rows of basting, gathered and secured with a top stitch
hand sown onto a hair comb (finding it was the hardest part, my neighbour kindly dropped one off last minute)
glass beeds individually sewn on, single strand of thread- i did this on the greyhound from vancouver
to abbotsford, seated beside an older woman- we talked about our weddings, what we wore, how many people and such, also about working in hospitals and letting go of work for kids...
i planned to trim this veil down but it fit perfect with my sister's long flowing dress
a row of ribbon roses lined the comb
i don't think i have a good final picture that quite captures it all
fit for a princess


  1. Wow Mary. I am completely impressed. What a special and beautiful gift for your sister!

  2. Beautiful and I am so excited to see mine!