Monday, March 21, 2011

Lacey Lingerie

Lacey somethings really aren't that tough I'm realizing. The key is lovely stretchy lace. And if you are sewing a seem along a line that you want to continue stretching- use a zig-zag stitch. Pictures are a thousand words, hopefully they explain the process.


Fold fabric in half and make two cuts: the first is a scoop cut to about 2" above the bottom, the second is angled towards the fold slightly away from the first cut (see the next photo). Cut two of these pieces to make underpanties.

Then sew the long edge of the two different pieces together

After sewing the long edges together turn the pieces right side in and zip up the smaller seems to make the crotch seem

For the crotch piece just cut a little rectangle of jersey fabric , use the crotch seem to centre the fabric and zig-zag stitch the top and bottom. I added a couple of extra little seems to the edges to keep fabric in place. Note, no hem is needed per se.

Measure a single piece of fat lace around your bossom. Hold it tight as lace stretches. Sew the seem together with 2 loose-stitched hems and pull to gather.

I added stretch lace around the bottom and as a strap using zig-zag stitches to keep the elastic stretchy
rolling up the lace made little roses

I stitched a bow on top of the rose

black bow variety

purple bow style
a Matching set!


  1. Mary! these are amazing! you know what could be fun? if you died the lace bright colours? My mum and I went through a phase of finding vintage slips & nightgowns and dyeing them funky colours? could be cool! x