Sunday, November 25, 2012

Feeling a little British: Potato Leek Soup and more

Last weekend I had friends for Brunch. We had originally planned on going out however, a combination of already having been out several times that week, and a real craving to make scones, were inspiration for this lovely meal! 

I made Potato Leek Soup, which my sister used to make for me and my five siblings (probably my parents too) when we were in high school.  I'm not sure where she got the recipe so I will just name it for her. The oats make this a very thick creamy recipe. I served the soup with homemade scones and Yorkshire Rabbit (cheese sauce on toast). So I recipes from my mixed heritage of Irish, Scottish and English all at one table!

My food photos aren't great as I forgot until the end of the meal to grab a couple of shots so I've added photos from my recent trip to the homeland!

Not the best shot but it is TASTY! 
Anna's Irish Potatoe* Leek Soup
2 tbsp butter
2 chopped onions
2 sliced leaks
6 cubed potatoes
1/2 cup oats
2 grated garlic cloaves
2 cups stock
2 cups milk
ground pepper
nutmeg (I forgot but would add)
cilantro (I forgot and would not add, I think Anna may have been going through a weird cilantro phase when she wrote this recipe)
chives (I forgot and would not add only because I don't keep chives in my cupboard)


Melt butter and cook onions, leeks and garlic for 3 minutes, then add potatoes and oats. Cook until brown, add remaining ingredients and simmer 1 1/2 hour (I only cooked about 1/2 hour and it was still yummy).

I served my soup with a scone recipe I modified from the internet (but can't find, there are plenty so just search) using milk instead of cream and (like my mum used to) making two big patties, one with black currents and one without, slicing and sprinkling with sugar before I baked it.

I also served it with Yorkshire Rabbit, but will save that for an additional post.

*My family is notoriously bad at spelling and this is how she wrote potato in my recipe book, no spellcheck there.

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