Tuesday, June 12, 2012

From cupboard to garden: My first terrerium

I ran out of flour this week. So I washed my flour jar, noted a big crack in the side and put it in the recycling.

Then I went to visit my family and saw my brother's latest, greatest: Terrarium. He's getting to be a bit of a pro when it comes to gardening in small glass spaces. I like to think I can take some credit for that. I invited him to join me in selling our wares at a craft fair a few years ago. We didn't really sell anything, but a few of the other venders were open to trades. So Ben did leave with at least one less wooden puzzle and one more pocket-sized mason jar garden.

Back to my kitchen, after seeing what wonders a glass jar can offer I gathered up some of my pet rocks, placed them in the bottom of my recovered jar, added cactus soil, and several offshoots from my succulents. I gave it a couple good sprays with my water bottle, lid off for now. Tada! If I were feeling more patient I might start over --- more soil in the bottom, then rocks, then a sprinkle more dirt, then the plants. But, I'm feeling a bit lazy so I will leave it as is and see how it fairs.

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