Saturday, October 29, 2011

Not your Grandmother's Tablerunner

Last year I wanted to make something special for my aunt. Having recently made one funky table runner, I started thinking about making one to match my aunt's newly found and newly covered chairs last winter but didn't finish until her birthday in the Springtime. I chose three colors of silk: muted gold, mossy green and dusty rose. I also chose a mottled cotton that included more vibrant versions of all of those colors to bring them all together, and quite reflective of my aunt's hippie spirit.

The photos are limited but I used the same trick here as I did with my first table runner by making squares of all my fabrics and stacking them together. I then randomly cut through all layers and then switched them out when sewing them back together. I don't have great photos but these give you the idea.

I visited my aunt for Thanksgiving and found the runner gracing her coffee table in her Victorian-style living room. Fit perfectly.

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