Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Baking Painting Little Nephew Apron

The first apron I ever made was for my nephew Kole, perhaps for his 4th or 5th birthday. A friend recently asked me to make an apron for her daughters 2nd birthday, I found some great fabric for that one in Tofino. The apron pictured here is one I made for another nephew Lochlan's 2nd birthday.

I like to imagine the little tykes baking and painting and gardening and otherwise having a muckiful time in these little aprons.

If you want to make one do trust your own judgement for cutting it out, if you have a body on hand then just measure it up, and if not well you'll just have to wing it!

Other additional note, bias tape is really a wonderful thing (hence all the photos specifically of the bias....)

Oil/laminate cloth
Bias tape

1. Cut fabric into a rectangle length from knees to chest and width 1/2 of waist (about 2' by 1' for a toddler)
2. Fold fabric in half and cut from 2/3 or the way up the long side to about 1/2 of the folded width (see photo)
3. Sew bias tape around fabric, leaving ends at the sides to tie at the back
4. Sew a ribbon for a neck tie to one side of the top of the apron
5. Sew velcro to the other side of the top of the apron

Note: You may want to sew two ribbons together for the neck tie to make it stronger.

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