Sunday, January 16, 2011

Mitts'n purse

My first attempt was to replace the exterior and closer of a little fabric purse I have after the metal clip broke. I decided the exterior was too worn out keep and to replace the clip with a zipper. Unfortunately the outer purse I made didn't fit the lining that I"d kept from the old purse so I'll just have to keep the new little bag as is  and retry another purse to go with the lining (that so nicely holds all my cards!

After feeling a bit of a failure on the first project, I cut up an old shirt of my husband's and wound it in a ball to later use for making a rag rug (something I've long wanted to try...).

Next, feeling a need to complete SOMETHING with some success tonight, I cut up an old sweater I'd shrunk one two many times in the wash into a matching mitt and hat set. The mitts were VERY easy, I just used the arms and traced around my hands and then turned the sleeves inside out and sewed them up. The hat was even easier. I held up the bottom of the sweater around my head to see how big to make it, then snipped up one side and rounded the edges and voila!


  1. This is sort of fabulous :) Love it!

  2. love the slouch mitts! reminiscent of the pastel sockies i'd layer over my skinny white stirrup pants, circa 1986! : ) slouch on, mary!! the world needs more slouch.

  3. i want to make a rag rug with you!

  4. I love that idea - I must remember for the next sweater I shrink