Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Let the Fairs Begin!

Very disappointing but my husband's new flask exploded in the bag with the camera the night before my first Craft Sale (apparently pop mixed with rum explodes in flasks... ). So no pictures. My sewing partner and I had a gorgeous set up: blankies and little owls in suitcases, monkeys on a child's chair and lace panties lined up in neat little rows.

It was great fun though, after sorting out the over-priced parking and car-that-wouldn't start thing. I even sold a sock-monkey and a sock-kitten: almost breaking even!

Maybe next time I won't sign up for a craft fair on Hallowe'en. My costume looked more like a bad East-van outfit than the 1960's housewife I was going for. But all said, it was a fun start. And like I said, I did sell two items, even if one of them was to the eccentric ladies in the table behind me selling Buddha cards and beads.


  1. I didn't know you had a blog! Glad you had fun at the craft fair!

  2. I will send you the list of all the ones in Squamish.


  3. Where was the craft fair? next time you set up a booth at one let me know yo!
    ps. I am making a sock monkey RIGHT NOW - modelled off of your design! Thanks!