Saturday, October 23, 2010

Plaid 2-piece

Intro Friday I got very inspired to NOT organize my books and upon the inspiration of an invite to a plaid-themed birthday party I made a blue plaid stretch dress. Well, I was going to make a dress, turned into a two-piece. And it's not really finished yet because nothing ever is.

Top I started with the top, using one I already have as a pattern- something I haven't really tried before except when making underwear. The gathers near the shoulder are simpley made by making the straps on the bottom about a centimeter wider than the straps on the top. I wanted to do the same with the bust- make it a little big so I could gather it but I forgot, so, I just added an extra little strip at the middle and just gathered that part. I also doubled up the front piece of the top to make it a little more secure around my middle. Overall I really like how it turned out although I might've liked it just a wee bit looser.

Bottom As for the skirt I spent many hours researching all the different styles out there. Originally I wanted to make something sort of loose and flowy (with my stretch fabric...) and found a really cool blog showcasing a similar skirt as the one I wanted to make Bubble Skirt- Refashioned. However, then I decided that actually I kinda like my derrier and maybe I'd rather show it off a little rather than hide it. So I sewed my fabric in one grand loop and then sewed a piece of lining to one side to make my skirt tight at the back with a whole wad of fabric at the front.

Options The whole wad of fabrid at the front is then up for grabs as to how to design it- loose and bunchy from left to right or gathered in a sash at the side. I put a big stretch belt on and tucked it all in the side.

The Catwalk Out to my parties in my new plaid 2-piece. I never made it to the plaid party because my first party ended up going too late. Which was really a shame because not only did I not get to wish that birthday girl best wishes (HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAT) but, I got very little attention for my own little bit of vogue and I know thati f I'd gone to the plaid party plenty of my school friends would be there: And having spent two years with a class where 43 out of 48 classmates were women- well, we got rather used to noticing and being noticed, fashion-wise (even though I did generally just wear jeans and t-shirt...).

I'll just have to try sending them the link, or perhaps giving this piece another try at the welcome-home-hippie-dinner-party this week....

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