Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Gift Baskets

This weekend my husband and mc'd a wedding and offered to organize a "honeymoon raffle" for the couple- which they jumped all over like a couple of virgins on their wedding night.

So, after pondering what to get for the raffle items I decided to make a few gift baskets. The groom is a manager at a thrift store (a passion of mine) so I felt it was suitable to include some items from his store in the basket. I decided on three themes: Wine, Coffee, and Tea. I found the baskets and most of dishes at the Mennonite Central Committee's thrift store on Fraser and 51'st (or thereabouts). I did well wash all dishes! I got rolls of plastic from the dollar store across the street.

I was surprised by how much fun this was and decided that as I did a fair amount of designing in putting the baskets together (on my dining room table) I would include it here. To assemble I put some newspaper in the bottom of the baskets so the items would stand out a bit and covered that in tissue paper. I then arranged the items, scotch taping them at the back/bottom as needed to keep them in place (i.e. the saucers and the cups I taped together). Then I pulled up the plastic and tied with bows et. voila!

The contents of the baskets were as follows:

1. Wine Lovers' Basket
Jackson Triggs Reserve Meritage (really, what more do you need?)
2 big green goblets (vintage intentional tacky)
Bottle Opener

2. Coffee Lovers' Basket
1 lb fairtrade Columbian Coffee
2 pearl colored mugs
purple sugar bowl and creamer
2 little stainless steal sugar spoons
1 bar lindt dark chocolate
Coffee shop gift card

3. Tea Lovers' Basket
2 white tea cups with blue and white english stoneware saucers
Small blue teapot
1 package Walker's English Shortbread
Organic Earl Grey tea
2 little stainless steal sugar spoons
Coffee shop gift card

the creativity begins
washing the dishes

newspaper & tissue to prop the contents

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