Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Vegetarian's Roast Beef Dinner

Ok, I'm not sure I'm a vegetarian anymore. Actually I've been more of a "flexitarian" for some time now. As in if I'm served it I'll flex on the meat thing. And, if I'm feeling like a treat, I may cook up a little sausage or something every couple of months (provided it sounds like it has had a good life and not been raised in a nazi pig camp).

Brent's dad raises pet cows. I call them pets because after several years of raising a good 40 or 50 head of cattle he has only once actually butchered something for himself (and family). And, that poor little cow was actually blind. Either the coyotes or bears or Browns were gonna get that little cow and I'm guessing Wally opted for the more humane option. Having seen and heard the way Walter talks to and about his cows I know they live a good very good life on his 80 acres of land so I can conscious-free enjoy blind-cow-meat. Still, I really am more vegi than carni in the kitchen so having been given (possibly even asked for) a roast last Spring, it was still sitting in my freezer up until this week.

Last week I finally called up a few friends and told them to set aside next Wednesday for "Last Chance Ranch" roast dinner.

Yesterday I spent all day either preparing or thinking about preparing the meal and this is what I served:

Ranch Biscuits (mum's recipe)
Pickled beats and pickled cucumbers
Butter honeyed carrots and corn (corn was a gift from the Ranch and I shucked it before freezing it last week)
Maple butter turnips
Roast potatos
IGA peppercorn gravy (yes it was out of a package because I burnt the drippings, which is why I also did not make yorkshire pudding)
Last Chance Ranch Roast (rump roast)
Maple Autumn pie for dessert (aka all the nectarines, pears & apples that need to evade the fruit flies from my kitchen; crust was Uncle Arnie's recipe)

The roast was ready 1 3/4 hours early but still tasted quite lovely by the time we sat down to eat.

My Dining Room Table

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  1. Just a not that you can make yorkshire pudding w/o the drippings. Just use a recipe for cream puffs and cook them in a little olive oil in muffin tins