Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Entering the 21st century with a Sweater Cell Phone Case

Maybe my real reason for finally getting a cell was actually motivated by all those cute cases I saw at craft fairs. 10 years ago I had a phone and was so annoyed by getting ripped off by Telus I didn't go back, until this summer.

I have to say I have looked longingly at all those sweet little protective cases. So, now that I have a phone of my own of course I needed a case.

A sweater shrunk one too many times in the wash seems to have re-lived many lives. I keep trying to use it up and yet it still sits in my fabric box.

Anyways, was not hard to make, I lined it with a sweet little calico. You could also sew this by hand quite readily. The button, I think, I got handmade from a craft fair. The silver elastic was off a box of chocolates or something. Works well.

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