Sunday, January 1, 2012

Table Runner x 3

This is the third table runner I've posted but I like them. They are pretty straight-forward to make and they can dress up a table without too much immediate risk of being spilled on.

The fabrics were chosen specifically for my mum for a Christmas gift. She has always loved fall colors and these prints reminded me of her. I got the fabrics from Spool of Thread.

As with my other table runners I stacked the fabrics, cut them into squares and then randomly sliced them into patterns. I then switched up the colors and sewed them together. The striped print ended up being more of a rectangle than a square like the second patch, but I just trimmed the edge. My friend brought her quilting mat and roller which I got to try out, just after I told my husband I didn't really think I wanted either for Christmas (I was wrong, oh well, next year...). They worked so well at keeping the lines straight.

I couldn't find a fabric I liked to frame the quilted pieces so I used some tan colored corduroy for the back. A single line stitched 1/4" from the edge framed the runner and finished it nicely.

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