Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Lentil Stew (like mum used to make and then some!)

Growing up I disliked lentils. They were always the bottom-of-the-barrel fall back meal, the Thursday before pay-day kind of supper. Cooked straight up with onions. Except when they weren't a very-last option and more of a quicky dinner and there was actually still cheese to grate on top. Even if there wasn't fromage on top we still usually had ketchup to spice things up.

When I started straying from meat I realized that mum perhaps had something going when she stocked the cupboard with lentils. This legume is a hearty protein source, and, I have learned, actually holds a lot of flavour and a great base for winter stews!

This meal was brewed up with an extra couple bowls for left-over alternatives to lunchtime sandwiches for work.

Vegetables +Lentils
1 leak, well rinsed and chopped (dirt tends to show up between the leaves)
1 stalk celery or so, with leaves, chopped
2 carrots, diced
2 cloves garlic, grated/shredded/pressed- whatever you like to do with your garlic
Handful of mushrooms, I think I used Shitaki, chopped
1 litre hot water + 1-2 cubes veg stock (if it gets too thick, add more water)
1 cup green lentils

Ground nutmeg, thanks to my new kitchen gratey-device from my sister--- fresh ground!

1. Chop up vegies and throw in big pot on medium in order of appearance with a couple tablespoons of oil
2. Add water + soup stock cubes
3.  Add lentils and spices (a pinch of each, extra if you feel the flavours' lagging)

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