Thursday, September 22, 2011

Welcome Home Blankie

Dear friends of mine recently adopted a beautiful young girl. They dreamed for months and years of bringing this little one home with them and their first daughter. This summer they finally were able to meet their new daughter and brought her home!

As part of the celebration they invited my husband and I to participate in a blessing for their new child. I made this little raspberry quilt as a part of the blessing.

I used to think a quilt had to be perfect--- edges square and something that would lie flat. Not that any quilt I've ever made has followed this formula. Several years ago I saw a collection of quilts made by the women of Gee's Bend displayed in a grand art gallery. The colors and patterns and stories stitched in the fabric demanded attention. They were diverse, colorful, loud, calm, quite amazing. And they were not square. They did not hang straight. They challenged me. They inspired me.

Which brings me back to this little quilt. And my new little friend. This was my first attempt at trying a non-pattern after my friend Sheree Plett's own heart. I still attended to the pattern as I sewed it, but did not pre-plan how it would look. The edges I hand sewed, which worked well in terms of avoiding the bunch-up at the edge of the fabric that a machine causes. The hand-touch also softens the edge. Something I'm working on. Softer edges.


  1. We Love It! Thank you so much!!!

  2. oh, Mary, that is so pretty! I love the lace-y fabric you included and the binding fabric.

  3. That's so pretty Mary - I love it!