Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The life of the Unemployed: Pickling, Baking and Sewing Oh My!

Now that I officially have my Master of Occupational Therapy I'm trying out as many occupations as I've neglected over the past two years as possible- and a few new ones!

I've taken to pickling like a cucumber with dill. I was always a bit intimidated by the thought of soggy over-salted pickles but decided I had to do something with the over-abundance of beats in my fridge last week (thanks to a food co-op I joined this year). Well, beats it seems are a rather easy start. Boil, peal, slice, boil up a bit of beat juice-vinegar-sugar-clove concoction and voila! Just like my ma-in-law! Or almost. So, today, on to Dill pickles. Lots of Garlic. And a bit of carrot for color. They have to sit a week so I can't say how they taste but do they look pretty!

1 week later: soggy with bite!

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